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Frank Devine founded Fresh from D’Vine in 2001 after working for the Crown Packing Company for two years implementing his Cal Poly Senior Project. Initially Devine focused on marketing specialty produce through non-traditional channels. During these early years, Devine learned firsthand the complexities and challenges of the trucking industry while trying to procure and deliver product to his customers in a timely, efficient manner.

As the industry evolved and more SKUs were developed, those trucking challenges were exacerbated. In 2005 Devine changed his focus from produce sales to produce transportation and logistics. Since then, Fresh from D’Vine has grown to be one of the largest and most respected LTL trucking companies in the Salinas and Yuma regions.

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Owner, Sales & Development



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Fresh from D’Vine is one of the largest and most respected short-haul trucking companies in the Salinas and Yuma regions. After more than a decade of service we have the knowledge, experience and relationships to get your product in and out of the area’s busiest coolers, all while providing you real-time GPS tracking updates and 24-hour bilingual dispatch.

Whether you need one box, one pallet or thirty pallets, we will deliver. We have extensive knowledge of the Kroger, Loblaws, Sysco and Markon cross-dock systems and currently service many of the world’s most well-known vegetable growers and shippers. And because sustainability is important to us at Fresh from D’Vine, we pride ourselves on maintaining all CARB-compliant equipment while following the EPA’s established idle regulations.

These are just a few reasons why we've been labeled Salinas Valley’s premier LTL trucking company. If you are a grower, shipper, wholesaler, produce or truck broker, speak with owner Frank Devine directly at 831.240.1525 to discuss ways to simplify your business and increase your profits.

& Cross-Docking

Fresh from D'Vine offers cross-docking and consolidation services to enhance the efficiency of your produce shipping operations and boost your bottom line. By optimizing your pickups with cross-docking and consolidation, you'll reduce ELD penalties, late-arrival fees, hours of driver time wasted at multiple coolers and the number of phone calls spent scheduling and rescheduling pickups.

With consolidation facilities in California and Arizona, our customers can load in an area that best suits their specific need or circumstance.

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